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Hue Smash

Hue Smash is a reflexes driven mobile video game that will keep you on your toes thoughout. It is a free to play arcade game about recognising the shapes and colors on screen. Analize the color and shape of objects on screen and quickly act to time your shots to smash them!

Key Features

  • An easy to pick yet challenging experience.
  • A beautiful looking game with 15+ unique themes
  • A healthy video game experience. The game is completely free with zero advertisments or micro transactions. You pick up the game, play and have fun!
  • Color blind friendly experience.


Release Status

Google Play Store: TBD

Apple App Store: TBD

For that <1% privacy concerened android users that do not use google play services, I've got you covered. I'll also be releasing this over as well.

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